matt here

Matt here. I’m a twenty-something communications pro living and working in beautiful Vancouver, Canada.

I get excited about connecting with people through digital marketing, social media, communications, and public relations.

Brands I’ve worked with include the PGA of British Columbia, Golf Vancouver Island, Queenstown Golf Travel, Mount Washington Alpine Resort, and Highland Pacific among others. Each experience helped me develop my skillset – a bag of tricks I add to every day.  Find my full career story on LinkedIn.

In my spare time I like to play outside – golf, biking, skiing, and hiking are among my favourite things to do. Pretty often I’ll Instagram those trips.

Blogging primarily helps me develop ideas. Expect posts about professional development, marketing psychology, social media, consumer behaviour, the golf industry, personal growth and whatever else I happen to think about.

If I can help YOU don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m always keen for new projects and collaboration.

“Matt is practical, straight-forward, creative, and hilarious.” – Graham Richard

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